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Kindly note at least 8-10 fraud R&AW/CBI/intelligence agency employees like goan gsb frauds riddhi nayak, siddhi mandrekar, brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar, goan obc bhandari fraud bsc sunaina, veena, asmita patel, naina, ruchika, are falsely claiming to have the resume including btech 1993 EE degree of the domain investor to get a monthly salary for their sex bribes, section 420 frauds, while the domain investor has to pay all the expenses, and is getting nothing.

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Tax payer money wasted to destroy life of toppers in India

In india toppers, who have studied in top engineering colleges, are treated very badly because the sundar pichai led google is allegedly involved in a major SEX, CHEATING, IMPERSONATION FRAUD, falsely claiming goan SEX workers, cheater housewives and other frauds have the resume, investment and paypal account of toppers who studied in top indian colleges to give the goan SEX workers and other frauds lucrative R&AW, CBI, indian intelligence jobs with fake resume, fake investment and fake work
If the indian government is wasting $8000 monthly for the last 6 years to destroy the life of a harmless single woman engineer, a topper and then falsely claiming that GOAN SEX WORKER RAW employees sunaina, siddhi mandrekar, brahmin fraud nayanshree hathwar, riddhi nayak, asmita patel and other frauds because google,tata have bribed top officials , it is only natural that the person will make a loss.
India is the only country which considers lazy mediocre lazy fraud women like siddhi mandrekar, sunaina to be experienced engineers because they are having sex with top indian government, google, tata officials
India is the worst country for educated women, with the indian government openly rewarding lazy greedy mediocre sex workers,housewives and other frauds falsely claiming that are experienced engineers and online experts to pay them a monthly salary

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Studying economics in China

After the second World War the Chinese economy had a very small share of world trade due to the lack of industrialization and political stability. However in a few decades, China has become one of the largest economies of the world and is widely considered to be the factory of the world, with major brands as well as smaller companies outsourcing their manufacturing to the thousands of chinese factories which make everything from hairpins to sophisticated computers. One of the reasons for the success of the chinese economy is their economic policies, the focus of their leaders on rewarding merit, and helping their economy, particular exports grow rapidly .
Unlike the leaders of some other countries where corruption and nepotism levels are high, the Chinese leaders realize that only if a country is economically strong, will it be able to influence world policy and get decisions made in their favor. Hence the country has a large number of colleges which offer courses in a variety of subjects like engineering, medicine, economics, financial planning, and others. In most countries of the world there are many traders who import low cost chinese products and sell them locally to make a good profit. These traders and others selling to china and their associates can make an even better profit, if they have a good understanding of the chinese economy, which is predicted to become the largest economy in the world in a few years time.

One of the best ways to understand the chinese economy is to study economics in China. Compared to professional or business relationships, relationship developed while studying are often more enduring and can help understand the chinese economy better. There are a large number of colleges in China which are offering courses in the different aspects of Economics. The economics courses can be broadly divided into specialized economics courses, courses combining economics and finances, and courses covering economics and international trade. The courses on economics and international trade are particularly useful for those who will be sourcing their products from China, helping them to get the best deal and avoid using agents who may charge a fee, reducing their profit margin.

China is one of the largest growing large economies internationally and students from different countries may be interested in finding out about the government economic policies and implementation , so that they can adopt these policies in their home countries to attain similar growth levels. There are a number of economics courses focussing on niche areas industrial, business, marine, environmental, forestry, technology, sports, national economy, international business. There is also a course on media economics, the expenses involved in operating a media company and business model to be adopted to generate revenues to cover expenses. Additionally there are finance and economics courses, related to investment, securities, taxation, public finance and international finance.

Lawyer required for filing writ petition against NTRO in resume theft case

To enjoy lifetime free sex, career promotion, help google destroy competition, senior NTRO officials are involved in a major impersonation, resume theft fraud on a harmless single woman obc engineer, india’s largest female domain investor. These NTRO officials are allegedly pasting the photo of their girlfriends on the resume of the domain investor, and getting their girlfriends lucrative R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence jobs with monthly salary of Rs 20000 or more ($300) each, while the domain investor is getting nothing because of the fraud of NTRO officials who cannot be identified or held accountable.
Allegedly at least 10 lazy mediocre inexperienced women have got intelligence jobs with the fake resume of the domain investor. The indian government has no right to falsely claim that their mediocrelazy greedy fraud employees have the resume, investment of a private citizen, engineer, domain investor as it is affecting her professional, personal reputation, and finances.
Looking for a honest lawyer who will file a writ petition against NTRO and other indian intelligence agencies , to end the resume theft, impersonation fraud . More details of the legal issues involved at Independent lawyer , have limited funds at present

Cruel criminal officials attack harmless shoppers in panaji, goa with microwave weapons

Microwave radiation weapons are extremely powerful and dangerous, the pain is far more than that caused by slapping. However in panaji, goa especially market area, some cruel criminal mentally unsound security, ntro officials have been given control of these weapons and they are ruthless in attacking harmless indian citizens shopping , causing microwave burns and great pain, making it difficult to do any work, sleep, affecting the health .
These cruel criminal corrupt government employees are getting a good salary from the government, yet they are freelancing for large corporates like the iit kharagpur 1993 gold medalist sundar pichai led google, tata and misusing the expensive weapons to attack harmless civilians as ordered by these corporates to destroy competition, murder them causing cancer, after repeated microwave attacks.
The latest major criminal attack of these cruel officials on a harmless domain investor took place on 13 october 2016 at around 5 pm in the panaji market area while she was shopping. Any information on the name, designation, salary, address of the official who initiated the cruel criminal attack will be greatly appreciated and rewarded. Please send details to . Lawyers who can help the victim get justice can also contact.

Google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employees should legally purchase websites/domain names

Till october 2016, the indian government has not privatized domain registration, renewals or website development, however google, tata are allegedly bribing senior ntro, cbi officials to shamelessly abuse their discretionary powers and falsely claim that google, tata sponsored fraud goan sex workers, cheater housewives, blackmailers and other frauds own the domain names, websites of a harmless obc single woman engineer, domain investor to get all these frauds lucrative R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence jobs with monthly salary of $300 each.
None of these google, tata sponsored fraud indian intelligence agency employees like blackmailer ruchika, goan sex expert raw employees sunaina chodnekar, siddhi mandrekar, cheater housewives riddhi, nayanshree, naina, veena, asmita patel, deepika have invested a single penny in domain names or websites and are least interested in doing so in future also. However though the fraud ntro officials are getting a monthly salary, they are refusing to pay the market price of websites and legally buy websites, domain names for their lazy fraud friends, sex partners and relatives
Instead for more than 6 years, these fraud shameless ntro, google, tata officials led by j srinivasan, puneet, vijay continue to falsely claim that fraud indian intelligence employees , who do not spend any money online own websites (including this one) to waste indian tax payer money on these frauds, and deny the real domain investor, a google competitor the opportunities she deserved

Comparing real estate and domain investing

Harassment by NTRO official compared to online investing
Offline real estate agents and investors make a lot of money because they spend a lot of time researching property, land, homes for sale. Online domain investors also spend a lot of time and money researching the domain parameters, before deciding to register a particular domain name. However when these domain names are used for making some money, the selfish greedy dishonest ntro, google, tata officials make completely fake allegations without any proof at all to defame, cheat, exploit and torture the harmless domain investor and then falsely claim that the domain name belongs to the goan sex workers sleeping with these officials, cheater friends and relatives of these officials to get them lucrative government jobs with fake resume, fake investment, FAKE WORK
All the 8-10 lazy greedy fraud google, tata sponsored R&AW.CBI, indian intelligence agency employees were getting their salary GIFTED by google, tata for more than 1 year ,why did these frauds not register domain names in october 2015 onwards, investing their own money why are NTRO, R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence officials falsely claiming GOAN SEX WORKERS, cheater housewives and other fraud indian intelligence employees own the domains, websites of a private citizen

Lady Judge with Rs 94 lakh cash

The media reported that a lady judge in delhi was caught taking a bribe and had rs 94 lakh cash. To accumulate so much cash, the judge must have been taking cash bribes for many years from different lawyers, however in an indication of the incompetence of indian intelligence and security agencies that no action was taken for more than a decade.
On the hand the corrupt indian intelligence and security agencies are ruthless in defaming, hounding, stalking and torturing harmless paypal account holders who have no source of cash, other than what they withdraw from the bank for personal expenses, wasting tax payer money, only because these officials have been bribed by google, tata to do so.
It clearly indicates the misplaced priorities of the cbi, intelligence, security agency officials wasting time to stalk and torture a person who has almost no cash, making completely fake allegations of black money for more than 6 years, only becasue large companies have bribed them to do so while those who actually have cash, black money are allowed to roam freely and have all the privacy they require.

Domain fraudster R&AW employees asmita patel, nayanshree hathwar, sex worker sunaina chodnekar and others launch criminal attack on domain investor

In a clear indication of the corruption, nepotism and human rights abuses in India in 2016, domain fraudsters like gujju flirt asmita patel, bengaluru shivalli brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, slim goan obc bhandari sex worker sunaina chodnekar who has SEX with top officials, goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi and others, who are openly faking their btech 1993 EE degree, resume, domain and other investments are considered to be VVIps and given great powers, R&AW jobs with monthly salary and allowed to waste indian tax payer money to stalk and torture the harmless obc engineer who actually has a btech 1993 EE degree and owns domain names daily.
The latest criminal attack of these google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employees and their associates on the harmless domain investor using microwave radiation weapons took place at about 14.10 hours on 21 September 2016
As the domain investor was near the Fire Brigade, at St Inez, Panaji, these criminal ntro officials gave a missed call on her mobile number to track the exact location of the domain investor. The phone call was from NTRO/R&AW officials because the mobile phone was ringing and yet the phone log was not showing any number.. They then greatly increased the radiation levels associated with the mobile phone to cause a very severe headache, causing great pain. It was rainly heavily, so the mobile phone could not be easily switched off .
It was an intentional criminal attack of cruel powerful selfish animal like ntro, government officials on a harmless indian citizen, causing great pain out of hatred or to please their bosses in google, tata . The criminal ntro official who launched the microwave radiation attack only had the area in campal in his control, and has been attacking the domain investor repeatedly using the mobile number to track her location.
Though the domain investor is a harmless citizen trying to earn a living, allegedly bribed by google, tata he has been bribed to criminally attack the domain investor, link seller, google competitor at every opportunity as part of the iit kharagpur gold medalist sundar pichai led google’s plan to destroy competition, murdering them slowly. So the cruel criminal security agency official in campal area has programmed the surveillance system to send a notification to him, whenever the domain investor will enter the area with the mobile phone switched on, so that he can initiate the attack.

The criminal official will then increase the radiation levels greatly to cause microwave burns or headache depending on the orders of his bosses in google, tata, the problem has been noticed repeatedly . The only way to avoid being criminally attacked by the contract killer ntro officials is to keep the mobile phone switched off. Though some people may not be able to contact, the mobile user will also avoid a criminal attack by the cruel animal like contract killer ntro officials in ntro.

The security agency or ntro official is getting a good salary and pension from the indian government, yet he is ruthlessly in misusing expensive ntro equipment FREELANCING FOR GOOGLE, TATA to slowly murder harmless civilians for a certain amount. The indian government should officially publish the rate at which their employees are freelancing as contract killers, murdering harmless indian citizens with microwave weapons

As the indian government refuses to take any action against their employees who are freelancing as contract killers for top corporates, mercilessly torturing harmless indian citizens, every major attack on a harmless domain investor, will be documented in great detail so that people are aware of the great human rights abuses, torture of harmless citizens committed daily giving fake excuses of national security.

To deny their classmate opportunities she deserved NTRO officials falsely associate goan sex workers, cheaters with their classmate

The shameless cunning fraud ntro officials puneet, j srinivasan, vijay, allegedly bribed by google, tata developed a very sophisticated plan to defame, cheat, exploit their btech 1993 EE classmate, deny their classmate the opportunities she deserved.

Though the lazy greedy goan sex worker, cheater housewife and other fraud friends of these ntro officials never did any work online and are least interested in doing any work online in future also, these cunning shameless fraud ntro officials shamelessly abused their great powers as NTRO officials, government employees to falsely claim that their LAZY GREEDY FRAUD friends, sex partners were associated with their btech 1993 EE classmate to get all their mediocre fraud friends lucrative RAW/CBI/indian intelligence jobs with fake resume, fake investment at the expense of their btech 1993 EE classmate

These ntro officials are FREELANCING FOR google, tata, abusing their powers to make fake claims about the work and investment of their lazy greedy mediocre fraud friends ., These shameless fraud ntro officials would never have the courage to carry out a similar FRAUD on a male indian domain investor , yet these section 420 cheater NTRO officials refuse to end their impersonation fraud on their btech 1993 EE classmate after 6 years of wasting tax payer money , spreading false rumors that the microchipped associates of their fraud sex partners and friends are doing work online, when no one is doing any kind of work online.

It is time that people are aware of the fact that some ntro officials with a btech 1993 EE degree are pathological liars falsely claiming sex workers, cheater housewives like shivalli brahmin nayanshree hathwar and other frauds were their btech 1993 EE classmate, because these NTRO officials are FREELANCERS working for google, tata